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3+ architecture Designs a Contemporary Residence in Crete, Greece

By • 39 mins ago

Residence in Crete by 3+ architecture (11)

Residence in Crete is a project completed by 3+ architecture in 2015.

It is located, as its name suggests, in Crete, Greece.


Rosu-ciocodeica Designs a Contemporary Apartment in the Heart of Bucharest

By • 20 hours ago

Apartment M by rosu-ciocodeica (6)

Apartment M is a private home located in Bucharest, Romania.

It was designed by Rosu-ciocodeica in 2016.


Yoma Design Creates a Fashionable Home in Taipei City

By • 23 hours ago

HD House by Yoma Design (2)

HD House is a residential project designed by Yoma Design in 2016.

It is located in Taipei City, Taiwan.


Gustavo Arbex Designs a Stunning Contemporary Home in Itupeva, Brazil

By • 1 day ago

Residência RPII by Gustavo Arbex (33)

Residência RPII is a home located in Itupeva, Brazil.

It was designed by Gustavo Arbex in 2015.


Atre Studio Architetti Undertake the Renovation of a Rural Home in the North of Italy

By • Aug 28, 2016

Ristrutturazione Cascina by Atre Studio Architetti (8)

Ristrutturazione Cascina is a project completed by Atre Studio Architetti.

It is located in Ozzano Monferrato, Italy.


StudioPietropoli Designs a Private Residence in a Quiet Neighborhood of Padua, Italy

By • Aug 28, 2016

Twin House in Padua by StudioPietropoli (23)

Twin House in Padua is a project completed by StudioPietropoli in 2015.

The home is located in Padua, Italy, and covers an area of 10,764 square feet.


Iglesis Arquitectos Design a Home Surrounded by Trees in Las Condes, Chile

By • Aug 28, 2016

The House and the Trees by Iglesis Arquitectos (15)

The House and the Trees is a project completed by Iglesis Arquitectos.

Completed in 2015, it is located in Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.


Architecture Paradigm Designs a 2,400-Square-Home for a Family of Four

By • Aug 27, 2016

Badri Residence by Architecture Paradigm (10)

Badri Residence is a residential project completed by Architecture Paradigm.

It is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.


A Stylish Home with Lots of Natural Light by deDraft

By • Aug 27, 2016

PG Residence by deDraft (4)

PG Residence is a detached home designed by deDraft.

It is located in London, England.


Architettura & Urbanistica Sigurtà Designs a Villa in Desenzano del Garda

By • Aug 27, 2016

Villa NB by Architettura & Urbanistica Sigurtà (5)

Villa NB is a private residence located in Desenzano del Garda, Italy.

It was designed by Architettura & Urbanistica Sigurtà in 2015.